European Conference on Somatic Experiencing® (SE) and Refugees

Copenhagen 5-6 May 2017

Workshop: SE and refugees, 7 May 2017

  • War trauma is a somatic experience affecting the nervous system and the body. If not treated even future generations will be affected
  • SOMATIC EXPERIENCING® is an approach that releases traumas through the body
  • Hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan are currently in an urgent need of help to release their traumas

The aim of this conference is to promote effective assistance to a larger group of asylum seekers and refugees. We see SE as an effective approach, because the focus on self regulation through body sensations can bring about immediate trauma releasing effects, even with short-term intervention.


In 2015 more than 1,5 million people entered Europe in hope of obtaining asylum. They fled from civil wars in Syria and Afghanistan, as well as other violent conflicts worldwide. Many of these people are suffering from severe traumas after bombings, losses, torture and other atrocities.

Neither the nightmares nor the stream of refugees have stopped. Although the arrival of refugees in Europe has been slowed due to recent agreement with Turkey, this has simply caused the social, medical, and psychological problems to accumulate in Turkey in crowded refugee camps.

European countries are currently grappling with the question of how to offer support to refugees. Even once the civil wars in Syria an Afghanistan end, everything indicates that the European countries will have to deal with a number of traumatised refugees that haven’t been seen since The World War II. Experience tells us that if left unaddressed, these traumas will be passed along to future generations.

Whether refugees in Europe eventually return to their home countries or stay in the EU, it is urgent to offer psychological support, in order to stop long-term trauma from developing, and to help people to return to an active life where they regain their emotional and psychological capacity to take part of the society they are living in.

The conference

Applying SE in support of refugees requires collaboration between politicians, authorities in charge of asylum seekers, rehabilitation centres for refugees, SE practitioners, and other health professionals in European countries.

The invited speakers will present a range approaches to deal with the mental health care of refugees and asylum seekers.

There is scientific evidence that traumas are based in the nervous system and the body. An effective way of treating traumas therefore must be based on restoring the balance of the nervous system.

  • SOMATIC EXPERIENCING® is an approach developed to help people with personal and collective traumas
  • Dr. Peter Levine Phd has developed SE over the course of the last 45 years.
  • It has successfully been used after the tsunami in Thailand, India and Indonesia in 2004, The hurricane Katrina in 2005, the tsunami in 2011, and many other traumatic incidents.
  • There is on-going training all over the world.

Post conference Workshops

A one day workshop on SE and refugees will take place on the 7th of May. There will be two presentations in the morning and two in the afternoon (see workshops)

Conference fees:

Registration fee: 3.200 DDK/€430

Workshop fee:

Registration fee: 1.200 DDK/€160

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